Dienstag, 27. März 2012

Gökce's bags.

hello again! :D

this is my 2nd and last post for today 
it'll be about my bags. i'm a bag-holic haha
these are a few of my bags. :)
enjoy! :D

- my Paul's Boutique bag - 
Quynh bought it for me on my birthday :D 
(a bit too early, but whatever haha)

- this one is from pieces -
my boyfriend got me this bag, because i didnt want 
him to buy me an expensive Paul's Boutique bag :D
i love it, even if its not a PB bag :))) :***

a very cute rucksack i bought in Istanbul, Turkey
i looove Pull & Bear ! so nice clothes and bags andandand <3
i got this for like 45 € or something :)

- this one is from primark -
like everything in primark it wasn't expensive haha
not at all :D
i love it because of the golden highlights :) i love gold !

- also primark -
this one is a very simple bag, i just bought it 
because it was blue and gold.
and it only cost 3 €! HOW COOL IS THAT?! haha :D

- primark -
this is my only clutch :D 
it's very colourful with the blue and pink
i think it's very cute but you also can pop a little  and tight black dress with black shoes.
this bag is a real eye catcher and perfect for summer.
only 3 € :D

- primark
i looove the colour of this one 
you can't see it on this picture because of the bad quality
 of my shitty BlackBerry mobile camera haha but its a very nice dark red colour
i also love red a lot! 
actually my favorite colours are red, blue, dark green and gold. :)
5 €

- primark -
(yea, i love primark haha)
this bag is a bit different than my other bags
it has a nice purple on the top, dark brown on the sides, 
a nice grayish beige in the middle and yellow on the bottom
this one also was only 5 € :)

i dont know where this one is from because i bought it on
a flea market. i purchased it for 7 €, because i told the owner
of the stand i hadnt more money with me :P
she told me that it was leather but i'm not very into killing animals
for bags and shoes and stuff :) i asked another person and he said
that it wasn't leather. after hearing that i was very glad haha

i loooooove this bag! the string of it looks so nice
it just looks so elegant :) the colour of the bag is a 
grayish purple
it was on sale so i got this bag for only 15 € :)))

my dad got me this bag when we were in Egypt.
i kinda looks like a bag of a doctor haha but 
i'm in love with this one because it looks timeless.
i love you daddy :*

- primark -
that's the last one i'm showing you
it's just this brown little kinda cuboid-like bag
very cute :)
5 € or something like that :D

so that's it for now, hope you enjoyed it.
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much love, Gökce xx


  1. I will follow your blog...
    return please...

    1. very cool bags, i love them especially the one your dad bought from egypt :d
      would you like to follow each other?
      schoenen tag noch