Montag, 26. März 2012

fav's from Quynh♥

Hellou :D

now it's my turn to post something or Gökce will get very angry and that's not so nice haha

I've bought a lipstick from L'oreal Nr.297 in a intense red and Iit! I apply it almost everyday... when I go to work.. when I go out with friends and so on. And here it is:

It's creamy, easy to apply and don't expensive. Aaand it stay long on your lips. In my opinion red lipstick is timeless!

Now to my favourite perfume: Miss Dior Cherie

It smells sweet, like flowers and it doesn't have a strong scent like other perfumes. Many perfumes have such a strong scent that I'll get a headache -.-  It kinda remember me of summer and a flower field. I like!
If you search for a girly perfume then that's the right thing for you!

Yesterday I get my nails done from my friend. 

Ok, she only made my ringfinger with a rose and bronze leafs haha :D
I use these nailpolish: The white one from Maybelline and the bronze from essence.
The rosepaper is from my friend. Feel free to ask me anything.

So... I think that's enough.

Lots of love, Quynh :*

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  1. hey girl! nice nails thanks for the comment! i am following you now!