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Gökce's all time favorites

so after Quynh could finally manage to post something it's my turn again haha

this is going to be a post about my fav cosmetics stuff :)
i'm not a big high-end cosmetics user. i only buy high end products when they're really worth it :D

let's start with eyeshadows:

the left one is from bh cosmetics and it has 88 colours in it (it's the 88colorpalette standard matte eyeshadow, bh cosmetics) ! i freakin' love this palette :)
when you first apply a good eyeshadow base the eyeshadows will last the whole day. 
the little one on the right is from flormar, it's a brand from Turkey i think, but it's also available in Germany. (i dont know about other countries.)
the colours are very pretty of the flormar quad are very very highly pigmented which is great :D 
here's a swatch of the flormar quad

see how the pigmented the colours are?! i lovelovelove iiiiit.
you can use the colours of the quad for every eye colour, it looks good on everyone :)

another good thing about this eyeshadow products are that they are very inexpensive.
i bought the bh cosmetics palette for like 10 € or something (on amazon) and the flormar quad for 5.95 €.
(you can order it on

now let's move over to the faceproducts i'm using:

it's the maybelline Fit me! foundation and the stay natural concealer by essence.
i think the foundation (number 120) is the lightest one they had in the drugstore, which is not very good because it's still too dark for my skin! haha 
but that's not a big deal because i mix it with a moisturizer and so it becomes a tinted moisturizer :) i don't like that heavy finishes of foundations.
next is the concealer. the one i am using is the colour 03 soft nude. also the lightest colour. that concealer is very good because it conceales my dark circles, pimples (i hardly get pimples, but still :D) and my rednesses. 

the foundation was like 9 € or something and the concealer 2 €, also not expensive :)

and last but not least my fav lip products.

(from left to right: Lancôme's ROUGE IN LOVE lipstick in 146B Miss Coquelicot - essence's stay with me lipglosses in the colours 'my favorite milkshake' and 'candy bar' - MANHATTAN's  in 53m)

the lipstick by Lancôme is my faaaavorite lipstick ever ! EVER!!! it's a reddish, kinda orange colour. when you apply it it just feels so nice and soft and it looks so great ! it's a pop of colour when you're wearing not too much eyeshadow. (i'm glad Quynh bought it for meeee :) 

next - the stay with me lipglosses
'my favorite milkshake' is a cute peachy-milky colour and 'candy bar' is a hot pink. there's not much to say about them, because almost every lipgloss works the same. the colours look cute on a very natural gloss, but you also can use them for heavier makeup for that sexy glossy effect on your lips.

and finally the last product :)) it's the lip cream by Manhattan. it has matt finish and it's very,very creamy. the colour is nice and kinda nude. the cream lasts very long.

the prices are also very low, except of the Lancôme lipstick. the lipstick was 27 €, the stay with me glosses 2 € each and Manhattan's lip cream was like 4 € or something :)

that was it. i'm sorry for the long post :'DDD 
hope you liked my post. :) 
my next one will be about my bags which i love so muchhh.

i have more favorite products but i'm gonna show them in another post :)

subscribe and stay tuned ! :)

much love, Gökce xx

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