Freitag, 13. April 2012

little catrice Cosmetics haul by Gökce.

hey there :)

i went to the drugstore the other day and saw that they had catrice products which i was super surprised about because they rarely had catrice Cosmetics products. 
so i got 5 products which i wanted to show you in this post :)

i'm going to start with the nailpolish. it's called 820 Pimp My Shrimp. it's just this orange- coral colour and i like the colour very much because i love coral colours. you have to put on more layers than two because it's coverage isn't very good. but it's very nice for summer :D

next is this baked eyeshadow, it's called INTENSIF'EYE WET & DRY SHADOW
the colour is called 030 Vanilla Sky Ride. i looove the packeging of this eyeshadow :)
i plan to get all the eyeshadows of the intensif'eye wet & dry shadow line

it's kinda light gold and very highlighting so i think you can perfectly use this also as a highlighter.
it just can make your eyes pop :)

this is how it would look like if you'd use it on your skin

there's another eyeshadow which i wanted to tell you something about
it's a cream eyeshadow. the name of this product is MADE TO STAY longlasting eyeshadow in the colour 040 Lord Of The Blings. it's very smooth and the application is very easy. it's a gold colour, i love gold :)
i think about getting the other made to stays also 

this is what it looks like  

this is how the product looks

and here's a swatch of it
it kinda looks like the INTENSIF'EYE but still different :)

i also got this baked blush from their NYMPHELIA limited edition
it's called C01 Dancing Nymph
the other products of the limited edetion didn't catch my attention so i only got this one :)

it looks very pretty :)

it's a very light blush so you have to put on a lot. still looks very pretty on the skin :)
here's a swatch

and the last thing i got was this lipstick, also in a orange- coral colour
i love its name because it's called 050 Princess Peach because i love video games with Mario and Luigi in them :)

the new design of the catrice lipstics make application much easier and i like how they wrote 'catrice' in them 

swatch :

so girls, that's it for now
hope you enjoyed it and please subscribe to our blog and stay tuned ! :)

my next post will be a fashion post/haul :)

much love, Gökce xx

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  1. anche io ho quell'ombretto cremoso e mi trovo davvero bene!
    che ne dici di passare da me? c'è un nuovo post!
    baci vivi